During my childhood I was always encouraged to pursue my art.

After leaving Ysgol Y Moelwyn in 1982, I then went on to complete an Art foundation course in Bangor, North Wales in 1983. I won an award for best painter during the course field trip in Snowdonia.

In September 1983 I moved to Cheltenham, Gloucestershire where I completed a degree in fine art with honors in 1986. The degree show was a huge success with my first sale of an oil painting.

I continued to paint on commission while working for the local newspaper as an artist. Most of the work I produced around this time were painted in oils. During the 90’s I focused more on using watercolors but with the similar theme of animals.

In 1992 I went freelance and produced many commissioned artwork with numerous work exhibited locally in Cheltenham, this included a book of memories for the children’s Oncology Unit at Gloucester Royal Hospital.

In 2000 I ventured on a project to work closely drawing birds in their natural habitat at Bourton On-The-Water where I used chalk pastel.

I donate many of my artwork to charity and local schools.

It was around this time I went into teaching. I wanted to inspire and share my passion for art with the younger generation.

In 2011 I joined the Cheltenham Open Studios group of artists and under this remit I continue to exhibit and sell my work. Around the same time I became involved with the Stroud Associate of artists through the local college.

This is when I began to include screen printing and wood carving in my work.
Most of my inspiration continues to originate from animals but also repetitive patterns in nature.

In the last six years I've been teaching painting and drawing at the

Cheltenham college while I continue to work on my own art projects. My studio is based at the Lansdown Art Studios, Cheltenham where there are a community of 15 resident artists.

My current painting projects are based on the continuation of the 'Camouflage 'theme. I am also working on studies is linear drawings based o the Cheltenham race Course.

Joanne Humphreys BA PGCE

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Cheltenham, Gloucestershire

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